About me

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Hi, I’m Carmen Moya and curiosity led me to become a translator and copywriter. As time went by, and with a good dose of persistence, creativity, dynamism and courage, I have specialised in transcreation.

After a number of work experiences related to legal translation and writing up content in the field of society and fashion, a master in International Relations and several periods spent abroad, I moved to London. There I was fortunate enough to work as a copywriter for an IT services company, and I began to collaborate with a selection of international advertising agencies. I soon became infected with the creative spirit of London Town, the cradle of artistic trends and movements.

I finally came back to Malaga, my home town, with the assurance of having enriched myself abroad, both on a personal and professional level. Here I continue doing what I most like, as a way of making a living and as a life style, travelling from one culture to another using no means of transport other than words; with no luggage other than the awareness and knowledge required for reaching my destination, following a well-travelled path.

I transcreate. To do this I have to combine the best of an advertising copywriter, a specialist in marketing and, of course, a pure translator with a linguist’s soul. What motivates me is creativity, and an unceasing interest and inquisitiveness. I work from English, German and Italian into Spanish and I specialise in transcreation and in making cultural and linguistic adaptions of advertising and marketing content. I also manage multilingual IT projects and I create content for various different media as a copywriter.


In a climate of competitiveness and continuous development, in which brands compete to carve themselves a niche on the international market, the need for translation takes on a new dimension, more creative and dynamic, in which not only the linguistic factor comes into play but also the cultural and sociological factors: this is what has been labelled transcreation, or, according to some, the translation of creative, advertising or marketing content.

From a morphological point of view, the word transcreation comes from the English verbs “translate” and “recreate”. What it involves is recreating a text in the broadest sense: we have to transmit the same message, style, visual, emotional, persuasive impact and even the cultural environment surrounding the original content.

Take the transcreation of any advertising campaign: for this to evoke the same sensations and to have the same impact on the reader, the transcreator has to employ both his or her deep knowledge of the original and target languages, and of their cultural contexts and those of the brand, product or idea in question. And of course, he has to have the ability, enthusiasm and empathy with the target audience necessary for the “transcreated” message to be able to fulfil its function, whether this is to encourage people to buy, enhance the brand image, or simply to inform.  And also bearing in mind that the “transcreated” advert or campaign has to attract people’s attention and compete with others that have been created (or conceived) in the local language. Nor should it be forgotten that the people who will be the target of the text have their own idiosyncrasy, their way of thinking and acting. The transcreator therefore has the difficult task of speaking to them in their language, not in the language that they might understand.

The team

I believe in collaborative working and learning, which is why I wanted to surround myself with professionals with whom I have links through personal and work relationships based on trust, commitment, communication, coordination and complementarity. With their assistance I manage interesting multilingual projects of the widest variety. The team includes:

Teresa Nieto

Teresa Niño

Teresa Niño is a graduate in Translation and Interpreting and has a Master in Translation and Conference Interpreting from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. After travelling around the world, she returned to her native Malaga and opened a small company, September Translations, where she translates, proofreads, manages projects and collaborates in a wide range of projects. She specialises in localisation, IT, marketing and medicine. She translates from English, German, Italian and Portuguese to Spanish.

Judith Hita

Judith Hita

Judith translates French, English and Modern Greek. She did her Master internship in Audiovisual Translation, Subtitles, Localisation and Dubbing with Teresa Niño and myself, and afterwards the collaboration between us came as a natural progression. In addition, to audiovisual translation, Judith specialises in translating technical texts and software, as well as top fashion articles.


Karen Monterosa

Karen is an official (sworn) interpreter and translator of English. She is a native English-speaker, now “hispanicized” after so long in this country. She has many years of experience in translating texts of all kind, especially legal, financial and tourism. She also has worked extensively as an interpreter, in and out of court.

Monika Miofsky

Monika Miofsky

After 20 years translating on the Costa del Sol, Monika describes herself as a legal and cultural translator, an expert in tourism and residential tourism. She has a degree in Translation from the University of Heidelberg (Germany), with a strong focus in Law, and is an official (sworn) translator. She has collaborated with multi-lingual law firms, trans-national organisations and private individuals, translating from Spanish to her mother tongue, German. Her interests are also present in her work: she mainly translates for web-sites and the media, working with texts on cultural events, gastronomy, adventure sports and tourism.

Celia V T

Celia Valdeolmillos

Celia has her own professional project, Tek’n’Life, a new online medium for which she creates content in the field of technology. She writes and edits articles in both English and Spanish, for important computer magazines and technology web-sites, and she is also engaged in web consulting and communication in both online and offline media. We met in London and since then, we have collaborated closely on a number of projects, to which she always brings her global perspective, her expert knowledge and her reliability.

Our work

We specialise in English, German and Italian, although we also work with French, Greek and Portuguese. We coordinate projects in any language.

Almost all our assignments involve marketing, advertising and the fields of law and technology, although our curiosity and passion for language results in our working on very varied projects into which we put our very best efforts, as could only be expected.

In short, our work consists of:

 adapting and localising advertising campaigns
 creating content for different purposes
 language and cultural consultation
 translating, proofreading and editing texts
 and, of course, transcreating

Our projects

We have had the good fortune to work for the following brands: